Osteopenia Osteoarthritis definitions. Are they the same?

Osteopenia Osteoarthritis definitions. Do these two words indicate the same medical conditions? No, Osteoepenia Osteoarthritis are NOT the same medical conditions but some times a person may be diagnosed with both of these conditions.                                         

Let me explain the difference between Osteopenia and Osteoarthritis:

1. Osteopenia is the diagnosis when you have some loss of bone but not yet enough bone loss so as to be diagnosed as having Osteoporosis (porous bones). Osteopenia is not a painful condition at all. It is often called a 'silent' condition.

2. Osteoarthritis is the diagnosis when you have some degeneration of a joint due to a breakdown of the cartilage. Osteoarthritis is often painful. Usually it is the pain that brings you to your doctor's office.

Again, Osteoarthristis is affects your joints but Osteopenia concerns your bones, not just your joints. That is the difference between the two.

More differences between Osteopenia Osteoarthrites:

1.Pain. Osteopenia is not usually painful. That is why Osteopenia is often called a 'silent' medical condition.  Most people have no idea that they have developed bone loss unless they have a routine dexa scan or they suffer a fracture, which often leads their physician to order a bone density test such as a dexa scan. But there is a bid difference, pain. Osteoarthritis, like all forms of arthritis, IS painful.                          You know there is something wrong every time you move your joint.

2.Diagnosis. Osteopenia is usually diagnosed by a dexa scan, a test that shows the density of your bones.  However, Osteoarthritis is often diagnosed by joint fluid analysis. Your doctor will use a  needle to draw fluid from your affected joint and then that fluid is analyzed.

In some cases Osteoarthritis is diagnosed by process of elimination. Your doctor orders tests for other possible causes of joint pain, such as rheumatoid arthritis. If the tests are negative, your doctor is likely to conclude that your joint pain is from Osteoarthrites.

So, if you are experiencing joint pain on a regular basis, it may well be that you have Osteoarthritis or some other joint issues. Of course you should consult your physician. 

End of Osteopenia Osteoarthritis Definitions information.

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In any case, I wish you the best as you deal with your health issues.