Osteopenia preventing fractures

You are wise to be researching this subject of Osteopenia preventing fractures now instead of waiting until you suffer a broken bone. Too many women and men only learn they have Osteopenia or Osteoporosis after they have broken a bone and their health care provider suggests that they get a bone desnity test.

Practical things you can do: Osteopenia preventing fractures

There are several different things that you can do to prevent fractures:

Osteopenia preventing fractures to vertebrae. All too many persons experience the pain ...and eventually disability from small fractures to the edge of their vertebrae. If such fractures are to the front edge of a vertebra, they often lead to Kyphosis (often called Dowagers Hump).

1.But you can prevent all such fractures by following some simple recommendations about bending and NOT doing some exercises.

2. Most fractures to wrist or hip are caused by falls. So the first step in Osteopenia preventing fractures to you hip or wrist means preventing/avoiding falls.  Preventing falls is so important that I have several pages devoted to the topic.

First, it is normal to lose about 1% of our normal balance each year after age 35, the first thing you want to do is get a sense of your current level of good balance. You can learn you blance leve at: Test My balance and Co-ordiation.

Unless we do balance and co-ordination exercises to prevent losing your sense of balance over time. 

I suggest you get a sense of how good your balance is right now. Go to Test My Balance and Coordination .  Those balance and co-ordinations tests that you  just did  also make excellent balance and co-ordination exercises that will help you prevent falls and so they can be considered exercises for Osteopenia Prevent fractures. Why? If you do not fall, you are less likely to break a bone.

3. Finally, you will want to do some exercises to increase your bone density. Besides avoiding fractures by preventing falls you will want to work on building strong bones so that even if you fdo all, you will not break a bone. Here are some excellent bone building exercises for Osteopenia preventing fractures 

Of course there are other ways besides exercise that will build strong bones.

Osteopenial Preventing fracture: Natural Treatments that build strong bones

First of all there are food choices that prevent bone loss and that encourage the building new, strong bones. See: Diet for building strong bones.

Second there are a host of herbs, known for their bone building ability. See: Osteopenia, Osteoporosis herbs

Third, research has shown that using a weight vest can improve bone denisty of your spine and exercising with ankle weights can improve your hip bone density.