Osteoporosis, Osteopenia symptoms

Osteopenia symptoms: there is no specific list or signs of bone loss. Usually the first sign of excessive bone loss is a fracture - especially one that happens after an ordinary fall.

Some persons break a wrists when in their forties or fifties because they have 'thin or porous bones".  Others fracture an ankle or a bone in the foot. Often the possibility that bones are becoming thin and weak is overlooked - even by health care professionals treating such fractures. (Research shows that few orthopedists routinely prescribe dexa scans for their mid-life patients who experience a fracture.)

You need to remember that the condition of 'thin bones' (Osteopenia )or the more severe 'porous bones' (Osteoporosis ) does not usually show up on a X-ray. If bone loss does show on a simple X-ray, is because the condition is already far advanced.

If you suffer a fracture after age 35, ask your physician about having a dexa scan. If necessary, press the point. Explain that you are concerned that you might have Osteopenia or Osteoporosis and that you would like to be screened so that if you do have excessive bone loss, you could start treatment so you do not have additional fractures.

Screening is important - even without Osteopenia symptoms

Since there are no outward signs of this medical condition, it becomes important to have some routine screening. Such screening is usually done through a dexa scan. If you are a woman beginning menopause, do ask your health care professional about having a 'base line dexa scan'. Such screeing tests can be repeated towards the end of menopause or in 5 years for a man. Women should repeat your dexa scan about every two years.

If you are a man who is in his fifties, talk to your health care provider about having a base line dexa scan. Because most health care providers do not order regular base line bone density testing for me, most are not diagnosed until the loss of bone density has progressed beyong Osteopenia and well into Osteoporosis. A base line screening could prevent that for you.

You may find it useful to read through the list of Causes of bone loss. If you find that you have some of the conditionsor are taking some of the medications that can lead to bone loss, talk with your health care provider about having a base line dexa scan now - before you have any Osteopenia Symptoms : See list of causes of bone loss

Please do not put it off. This condition is much easier to treat and reverse if it is diagnosed in its earliest stages....and remember that there are NO Osteopenia symptoms to warn you that you have developed excessive bone loss.

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