Reversing osteopenia

Reversing osteopenia.  You are to be commended for wanting to reverse your bone loss now - before it gets more serious
and you are diagnosed with Osteoporosis. I  can identify with your bone loss situation because when I was diagnosed with Osteopenia, I, too, began to research the topic.  This web site is one result.  After doing so much research and reversing my own bone loss, I decided to make things a bit easier for others by putting information, science based information all in one place.

Now I know that there are many web sites that talk about ways to build bone and reverse your bone loss.  But most of those
1. Assume that "one size fits all"- as though all bone loss is caused the same way and so all Osteopenia can be remedied the same way.

2. Offer a limited number of options:discussing either pharmaceutical drugs, exercise or a particular supplement or daily regime.

3. Want you to  buy something: their book, supplement, piece of equipment or some other product to solve your bone loss problem.

But this web site is different. I believe that the key to Reversing osteopenia is: FIRST FINDING ALL THE CAUSES of your bone loss and then addressing each one.

Why am I so convinced that this is a good approach? Experience. My experience.

When I was first diagnosed I did all the usual things that were advised: first I tried prescription drugs (2 different ones) but the side effects were too hard (Later I began to read negative reports about their long term use.)  I took a supplement, did weight bearing exerise. But my dexa scans did not show real improvement.

That is when I began to do what my training has taught me to do. I began reading research studies - lots of them. And I learned.
I learned a lot. The biggest thing I learned is that there are scores of different causes of bone loss....besides getting older. One day I read about a cause I had never heard of before and which was something I experienced on a regular basis. Bingo!

I stopped that activity....also added Advacal (the supplement proven to increase bone density - even in the very old). The result? My next dexa scan showed some improvement....and the next one showed even more improvement.  This continued until I was getting results of 'normal bone density'.

It was around that time that I decided to create this web site - science based information about reversing bone loss. So I started and over the years I have continued to update it...adding new information as new scientific studies are published.
(I also created a monthly newsletter to provide information and encouragment to my readers.)

But I think the MOST IMPORTANT PAGE on this web site for Reversing Osteopenia is the page about Causes of bone loss..  If you know ALL the causes of your own bone loss, then you can address each one (and yes, you will find information on this site to help you with that.)

So my suggestion is to FIRST read the page  Reversing osteopenia: Causes  . Make a list of EVERY cause that applies to you.

  1. OK. Now you have your necessary information for figuring out what treatments would be best for you.  So  read all the pages
     on this site that have anything to do with treatments. You will find them by using the links on the Blue Navigation bar to the left.

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