Spinal Osteopenia weight vest

Spinal Osteopenia weight vest If you have Spinal Osteopenia, you may want to use a weight vest. 

A few years ago I was thinking about  my dexa scan. Although I had bone loss in my hips, my spine  was showing that I not only did not have Spinal Osteopenia but my vertebrae had greater bone density than women 30 years my junior.

The more I thought about this the more I became convinced that my being a part time out-of-print bookseller had a lot to do with the bones in my spine.  I regularly lift and sling boxes of books - books, as you know, are heavy.  My work was giving me a 'work out' for my bones. I love books but had not realized just how much they were contributing to the strength of my spine!

You may not be slinging or carrying boxes of books. But you can give yourself the same sort of  automatic resistance exercise by wearing a weight vest.

Not every spinal osteopenia weight vest is good for bone building

Lots of weight vests start with 1 or 2 pound weights. These are for sports enthusiasts who are trying to build muscle and endurance.

You do not want that for a spinal osteopenia weight vest. Why? Your Osteoblasts (bone building cells) respond to increased stress.  If you use a vest with 1 pound weights, you will reach the limit for adding weight safely very soon.  (Remember if your vest is too heavy, it could cause you to tip and fall if you bent or moved to the side.) Finding a vest where the weights start at an ounce or two is what you are looking for.

Example: If 10 lbs is the upper limit of safety for you ( I find that number a bit high)  and you add pound weights on either side - to keep balanced -your vest is only good for a 5 weeks of bone building. But if you have a vest where you add weights in OUNCES, you can continue to add an ounce of weight to each side  for weeks on end before you reach your safe limit. 

After MUCH searching I finally found a vest that allows adding multiple light weights.  It is called Hypervest pro and each of the rows shown on the vest are made up of pockets that hold 1 oz weights.  The pocket go all around the vest, so you can add weights to the back as well as the front. And as you can see the vest zips up the front to it is firmly anchored in place - an added safety, especially if your balance is compromised.

Here is a link to their site.  If you type Osteoporosis into the search box at the top right hand corner, you will go directly to the weight vest page. (They have other products like sand bells that are worthwhile, but I assume it is the weight vest you want. Click Hyper wear weight vest

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