Strontium Osteoporosis Osteopenia

Strontium Osteoporosis Osteopenia remedy. In June of 2005 the Bone Mineral Journal published a study concerning strontium ranelate, a pharmaceutical that showed promising effects in the treatment of Osteoporosis.

The author stated: "...compared with other treatments. .  it seems to have a unique effect in that it inhibits bone resorption as well as stimulating bone formation.:Bone Mineral Journal 6/05

The New England Journal of Medicine published a report on the drug, sold under the name Protelos in France.  Both physicians and patients in the EU, where the drug was in well as others from North America thought that at last the scourge of Osteoporosis had met its nemesis. 

BUT since that time there have been some serious negative side effects reported about this drug - especially those affecting the cardiovascular system.  (If you want to read about those side effects and the caution issued to medical provider in Europe, click on: Strontium ranelate information, side effects

fStill the drug companies continued to pursue the creation and use of a pharmaceutical form for Strontium Osteoporosis Osteopenia remedy. 

Currently there is a  pharmaceutical form being tested called "strontium malonate" . IN early studies it  appears to be effective BUT the work was on the drug interrupted by an international dispute over patent rights. Recently (October 2014)  I read that the dispute seems to have be resolved and a company in California, USA is going forward with  human trials of the drug.

If you want to read about this drug and its trials go to the page devoted to this ' pharmaceutical drug under development' page:  Strontium malonate,   (I add that I am following these studies and will add information to that page...and share any announcement about a drug from coming to market with readers of this site/s  Newsletter.

Natural forms used for bone building

Amidst all this discussion about the side effects of the pharmeceutical forms of this mineral, many have forgotten that there is a form, found in its original state in nature.

Discovered in the early 20th century (the mineral is next to calcium on the periodic chart of the elements) it  too, was found to possess bone building/strengthening qualities).

Strontium  began to be used at the Mayo Clinic in the 1950s with patients who developed Osteoporosis after treatment for breast cancer. 

There appear to be few side effects.  Some have experienced  mild gastrointestinal upset, sometimes diarrhea. (You can read about this history and the current status of the natural form at Strontium Osteoporosis Osteopenia remedy.

So what should a person with Osteopenia or Osteoporosis do? Should you use pharmaceutical form of strontium if you can get it? I hope you will read the research about side effects before you decide.

Should you use a natural form of this element? I have found no research studies about negative side effects of the natural form.....but that could be because the research has not been done.  We do know that some persons using the natural form report the side effects mentioned above.

If after reading the research you are interested using in the natural form of strontium, there are several companies that sell it. You can find some of these at the top of Products page.

(and yes, I receive a small commission when you buy anything from that page.  Such makes it possible for me to devote so much time to reading research and updating this web site.  I thank you advance for doing your shopping on that page. 

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End of:  Strontium Osteoporosis, Osteopenia information. Updated: October 2014.