Wilsons Disease Osteoporosis Osteopenia

Wilsons Disease Osteoporosis Osteopenia cause. Wilsons  disease  is  an  inherited  disorder.   This disease affects about 1 in 30,000 persons.

In this disorder excessive  amounts  of  copper accumulate  in  the  body because the liver of persons with this condition fails to rid the body of copper.  As a result copper builds up in the liver, the brain, and other organs. Some, but not all, persons with this condition develop Osteoporosis , Osteopenia.


1.Trientine or D-penicillamine may be prescribed.  Bot of these drugs are oral  chelating agents - medication that removes copper from the bloodstream. These drugs not only remove excess copper, they also prevent future accumulation and damage to body organs.

In some cases zinc may be used, prescribed,  since zinc promotes a reduced
absorption  of  copper  from  the  diet  and  it promotes the  excretion of zinc in  the  stool.    Long-term maintenance therapy is possible with D-penicillamine or zinc treatment.

2. In addition persons with this condition should avoid foods that are high in copper such as shellfish, nuts, liver,  chocolate, mushrooms.  Avoiding alcohol is also usually recommended..

NOTE: Anyone disagnosed with Wilson's disease should be screened for bone loss on a regular basis. If your physician has not ordered such screening, ask.  Do not wait
for fractures to developed. See: Osteoporosis, Osteopenia testing

Consider adoptng some natural treatments for bone loss early.  Wilsons Disease Osteoporosis, Osteopenia - do not wait for fractures. The link above will show you that are things you can do to prevent fractures.

You can read about the disease at: Wilson's Disease http://www.wilsonsdisease.org/about-wilson-disease

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