Weight vest Osteopenia Osteoporosis

Weight vest Osteopenia Osteoporosis is NOT the same kind of vest used by body builders. Those vests are designed to increase muscle mass. We want to increase bone density. And research shows that one of the effective ways for increasing spinal bone density is to use a  weight vest in a special bone building way. 

Why a weight vest?  Our bones grow stronger (become more dense)  in response to increased stress on our bones. (hat is why so many of us diagnosed with Ostepenia or Osteoporosis are advised to do 'weight bearing exercises". )                                        But we can not lift weights for hours on end.  There are other things we need to do in life...like go to work and/or fix supper.  And there is another way to increase stress on our bones. We can wear a weight vest. It will place steady, consistent weight on our bones.  And we can slowly increase weight of our vest over several weeks or months.

A weight vest Osteopenia Osteoporosis automatically ads 'weight bearing' on your bones.  And that 'weight bearing' lasts during the whole time you wear the vest. So using a 'weight vest Osteopenia Osteoporosis' is like doing a 'weight bearing exercises' for hours on end!  Both your bones and your muscles grow stronger in response to increased stress of the vest.. 

Now you may have experienced this in reverse. If you were sick and spent a long time in bed , you were not putting much stress (weight) on your bones. And when you first try to get up after a long illness, your muscles can seem a bit weak. It often takes a couple days to get back to your former self  because you need to rebuild your strength.

A long period of bed rest affect more than your muscles; it can affect your bones too.  Why? Our bones, like our muscles, respond to increased stress. When we increase the pressure (stress) on our bones, they respond by stimulating our Osteoblasts (bone building cells) and our bones grow stronger ....denser.                           

But if we have little or no pressure (stress) on our bones, they are NOT stimulated to build new bone. In fact we can lose bone during periods when we are bedridden (or in weightless atmosphere such as space).                                                                    A weight vest Osteopenia Osteoporosis can go a long way to building new strong bone. Such a vest, one with many small weights, is good for those of us wanting to reverse Osteopenia or Osteoporosis.)

Physical activity increases bone density

How? Physical activity puts stress on our bones. Stress triggers our Osteoblasts (bone building cells) to be more active.  As a result we develop stronger, thicker bones.

This is really important since we also have cells which removed old bone. ( Osteoclasts). Unless our bone building cells (Osteoblasts) are active enough to balance or out weight our bone removing cells (osteoclasts) we could begin to lose more bone that we make.

When we lose more bone than we make we develop  'thin bone' (Osteopenia) or the more serious 'porous bone'  (Osteoporosis).

So what can we do to remedy this? One of the best ways of increasing the stress on our bones is to lift weights since weights do put stress on our bones. But lifting  weights requires setting aside special time to do the weight lifting exercises.

Why not consider a weight vest? A simple Osteopenia Osteoporosis weight vest can be used at any time and in many place. You can wear it when driving your car . Some people put their weight vest under a sweater,  shirt or even a dress and so wear it for long periods during the day or evening.

How a weight vest Osteopenia Osteoporosis can increase bone density?

Weight vest Osteopenia Osteoporosis work in this way. The weights in your  vest put pressure on your bones.  This pressure stimulates your Osteoblast...just like weight lifting does....only a weight vest exerts pressure and stimulates your osteoblasts to build bone for longer periods that just lifting a weights for a half hour or so.  This is why a weight vest is a VERY effective way to your stimulate Osteoblasts to build new bone. And if you build enough new bone, you will develop thicker, stronger  bones....your problem will be solved.

Our bone density will return to normal. No more Osteopenia or Osteoporosis. Buying and using a weight vest can be an effective way to improve your bone density.

But you want to get the best kind of vest for bone building. Athletes also use weight vest but the use them to 'bulk up' their muscles. Using a weight vest to improve muscle mass is NOT the same as using a vest to build bone!

So I put together a 'mini course' about use weight vests to reverse Osteopenia, Osteoporosis.  It has 3 sections.  I encourage you to read all 3 pages before buying or using any weight vest for Osteopenia or Osteoporosis.

Mini course about weight vests to improve bone density

1. To learn about how using a weight vest increases spinal bone density ( and which type of weight vest can do this best ) go to using a weight vest for bone building

2. There is the one weight vest, especially designed for those of us with Osteopenia or Osteoporosis. (I have used it myself.)  What I like about this vest  is that the weights are small. So unlike weight vests sold in sports stores for athletes, this vest makes it  possible to increase weight in slow intervals and for a long period of time. T

To  learn more  about this special weight vest...and where I bought mine take a  look at  Hyper Vest - weight vest.  It is a small company; good support. They cater to weight lifters...do not be put off by their illustrations. The do have a vest with small weights (Hypervest Pro...not the 'Elite' vest). The small weights mean you can 'add  weight' for a longer period of time than with many Sport vests.  So if you want a good weight vest Osteopenia Osteoporosis do check it out. Click on:  Weight vest from Hyperwear.