Strontium Osteopenia Osteoporosis natrual treatment

Strontium Osteopenia Osteoporosis treatment has been in the news for some time. Perhaps the approval of the drug, Protelos, a synthetic form approved for use in the European Union, has something to do with this increased interest.

The New England Journal of Medicine reported that vertebral fractures were reduced 49% in the first year and 41% over three years by this pharmaceutical form. You can read the full text click on: Possible Strontium Osteopenia Osteoporosis treatment: "The Effects of Strontium Ranelate on the Risk of Vertebral Fracture in Women with Postmenopausal Osteoporosis".

The FDA has not approved Protelos for use in the United States. It was in clinical trials. But it appears that the trials have stopped. I do not know why. There seems to be some sort of 'black out' of information concerning this drug form of Strontium Osteopenia Osteoporosis treatment the United States.Although there have been recent notices of a California firmdoing trials on a different pharmeceutcial. BUT Natural forms of this element have been discussed as Strontium Osteoporosis Osteopenia treatments for several years. Many practitioners of natural and complementary medicine suggest using it for building stronger and more dense bones.

Research results for Strontium Osteopenia Osteoporosis and bone growth. Note: ALL the early studies were done with the natural forms of this element - not the new synthetic form as in the drug Protelos. This is important - especially for those who do not have access to the prescription drug.

  • The references I found go back to 1910. A German researcher reported that Strontium seemed to be very effective in stimulating the rapid formation of bone.
  • In 1920 another German researcher concluded that using this element in addition to calcium were superior to calcium alone in mineralizing bone.

    It appears that these two studies were not picked up elsewhere in the world and nothing seems to have been done to advance the use of Strontium Osteopenia Osteoporosis treatments for many years.

  • But a 1952 report from Cornell University reinforced the 1920 conclusions. The Cornell report stated that using both minerals worked better than using calcium alone for rebuilding bone.
  • In 1959, at the Mayo Clinic physicians reported the use of Strontium lactate as a treatment. 22 individuals with severe, painful osteoporosis took 1,700 milligrams of daily and another 10 took the same amount of along with estrogen and testosterone.

    Results: All patients showed improvement. 18 of the 22 in the mineral only group had 'marked improvement' while the other 4 had 'moderate improvement'. In the hormones plus the element group, nine of 10 experienced 'marked improvement' while the other one showed 'moderate improvement'. Impressive use of Strontium Osteopenia Osteoporosis treatments.

  • Then in 1981 there was a study of patients with cancer that had metastasized to bone. The results showed improved bone density and lessened pain in cancer-affected areas. (I believe that this study also used the lactate form of the element for the Strontium Osteopenia Osteoporosis treatment.)
  • In 1985, there was a 6 month study of the carbonate form of Strontium Osteopenia Osteoporosis treatment. Six participants and each was given 500-700 mg per day. Bone biopsies were done before and after treatment and researchers reported that bone formation had improved while bone resorption (removal of bone) had remained the same.

    For me, this is last study is important since most of the drugs on the market do not stimulate our osteoblasts to build NEW bone. They only inhibit the work of our osteoclasts in bone resorption. (And this could be a factor in the frature risk that seems to develop.)) Strontium is a mineral that appears to stimulate the osteoblasts to build new bone.

Articles by Jonathan V. Wright M.D. of the Tahoma Clinic and Robert Jay Rowen M.D. are the major sources for the above information.

I note that both these physicians use complementary medicine in addition to conventional medical treatments. Both have web sites and offer subscription newsletters.

Dr. Wright notes that there are 3 main forms of the natural element: Strontium lactate, gluconate, and carbonate.

It appears that all three of these natural forms have been used by researchers seeking to increase bone building

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Frequently Asked Questions about Strontium

  1. Isn't this element lethal? I thought it was in the news in the 1950's as very dangerous - that it could interfere with bone growth No. What you are thinking of is Strontium 90, a by product of nuclear fission was often in the news after the atomic bombs were exploded. And yes, you do not want to ingest strontium 90! The Environmental protection agency is concerned about its presence in drinking water.

    BUT what we are talking about is different. It is the natural element which is number 38 on the Periodic Chart of the Elements and stands next to Calcium on that chart.

  2. Is it present in any foods? Yes, it is found in spices, seafood, whole grains, root and leafy vegetables, and legumes. (I read that it is sometimes present in toothpastes made for sensitive teeth!) But if you already have Osteopenia or Osteoporosis, it is believed that food sources are not sufficient. That is the main reason why some advocate the prescription drug or health supplements
  3. Are supplements are available to the public? As far as I know there are several supplements on the market.

    NOTE: One brand also contains Calcium but the research I have read states that Strontium is more effective when taken a few hours after calcium....the two minerals can interfere with one another. I took my strontium a several hours after my calcium supplements....sometimes just before bed with a bit of bread to ease possible digestive irritation.

    Recently Servier, the maker of the prescription form (Protelos) advises that their drug be taken without food upon retiring at night. Servier has also issued some warnings about their drug. I do not know if they apply to the natural product or not but if you want to read them, go to Protelos

    (Dr. Rowen suggests that 900 mg per day of the natural form is sufficient for someone with Osteoporosis and one capsule is fine for those whose bone density is OK and would be taking the supplement to prevent Osteopenia or Osteoporosis.)

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