Alternative Medicine Osteopenia, Osteoporosis

Alternative medicine Osteopenia , Osteoporosis treatments.  First I want to give a bit of background about the use of alternative medicine in the United States and other 'Western' nations. The Euro-American tradition of medicine (Sometimes called the 'Western medical tradition') there is an emphasis on pharmeceutical drugs, surgery and 'high' technology.

One result of President Richard Nixon's visit to China was that the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) became open to practitioners of Western Medicine.  (When TV broadcast the success of acupuncture as a form of anesthesia there was great interest in TCM and further study ensued.

Traditional Chinese Medicine uses a completely different theoretical system for understanding health and disease from that which developed in the West. And one result of Nixon's trip was that practitioners of Western medicine began to take claims of useful and successful treatments from both Traditional Chinese Medicine and from other Indigenous Peoples from around the world more seriously.  These practices were labeled 'Alternative Medicine' to distinguish them from the usual Euro-American medical practice of prescribing pharmaceutical drugs

But it is not just Traditional Chinese as Alternative Medicine Osteopenia, Osteoporosis

Researchers  soon began to delve into Ayurdevic medicine (India), Herbal medicine and other non pharmaceutical approaches for healing human ills.

Researchers found that there are a number of alternative methods that do work to increase bone density. Here are several of the best known:

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