The Osteoporosis Remedy by Stephen Schettini : a review

The Osteoporosis Remedy  Stephen Schettini was published by Avery Books, a division of Penguin Books 2001.

This is a short and readable book. Its Table of Contents are:


Chapter 1 – What is Osteoporosis?

Chapter 2 - What will happen to me?

Chapter 3. Diagnosing Osteoporosis?

Chapter 4. Conventional Therapies

Chapter 5. Alternative Therapies

Chapter 6. The Osteoporosis Remedy: Prevention

Chapter 7. Conclusion

References, Glossary, Index

Review: The Osteoporosis Remedy Stephen Schettini

This book takes a different approach to Osteoporosis, Osteopenia.  It emphasizes prevention as the real Osteoporosis Remedy. Even Chapter 2, What Will Happen to Me?, is really about the potential for developing the condition, rather than ‘dealing with’ it. This is a welcome relief for anyone who has been overwhelmed by all the books that advise what to do once you have the condition BUT say little about prevention.

Some highlights: The chapter Conventional Therapies offers a solid review of Calcium and other vitamins and minerals as well as prescription drugs. (Since this book was published in 2001, not all the latest drugs or the latest supplements are you need to remember that.)

The chapter about Alternative therapies, for example,  does not include natural  strontium at all - either as a remedy or the cautions concerning the prescription form that have been issued by the EU.  

This chapter does have a good summary of the work of Dr. Fujita and the special calcium he developed and that has been proven so successful in treating bone loss...even in the very old.  See:  AAACalcium

As a whole The Osteoporosis Remedy  Stephen Schettini is easy to read (even the print is fairly large) and it would be a good beginning book or one that you might use to increase motivation for someone who has read a good deal about Osteoporosis already.

But anyone doing  careful review of this web site (the one you are reading now), especially reading the Causes of Bone Loss and the Natural treatments pages might provide a better back ground for anyone interested in preventing or dealing with bone loss - in part because a web site can keep up with the latest developments.

Still this book has merit.  And you can take a look at the book and its Table of Contents here:

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