Osteopenia treatments fail

Osteopenia Treatments Fail for two main reasons.   Some people just stop using them. If they are on medication, they stop taking it. If they start a bone building exercise program, they miss a session or two....then they miss a week...a few weeks and soon they are not doing bone density exercises at all!

The same is true for changes in eating and drinking patterns. Some people even stop their supplements.

THIS IS SERIOUS. What can we do to see that the statements: Osteopenia Treatments Fail will not apply to us?. What can we do to see that we keep with the program or if we have already fallen off our bone building program,that we return to it and stick with it?

Here are 23 tips for making sure that  Osteopenia Treatments Fail will NEVER apply to you.

Read this list for avoiding the Osteopenia Treatments Fail category. Print the page. Put it someplace whee you will see it at last once a week. The reminder will help you to keep with your program.

1. Medication

If you should be taking medication and find that you are skipping doses, take a hint from former Texas Governor Ann Richards and talk with your health care provider. She tells us in her book, Winning My Battle with Osteoporosis that she told her doctor that her medication was too inconvenient for her lifestyle. They talked and after she explained what her daily life was like,  she was given a prescription for a different drug - one that fit her lifestyle better.  That talk prevented Ann Richards from becoming an Osteopenia treatments fail person.

Please, talk with your health care provider. State exactly why your are skipping doses.  Pill X may be the best medication on the market but it will do you not one ounce of good if you are skipping doses. Work with your doctor until you find a medication you will use.

2. Exercise: weight bearing and balance exercise.

This is so important - especially if you spend time each day in the car and/or if you have a sedentary occupation. (Yes, those of us on the computer for hours on end are subject to bone loss.)  So her are suggestion to get you up, moving and doing weight bearing and balance exercises.

  1. Team up with someone. Exercise together. If you do not know anyone put a sign up at the recreation center or a bulletin board or ask your health care provider for suggestions. When you find a buddy, talk about preventing each other from missing sessions. You may be ready to ‘veg out’ but if someone is calling  you on the cell phone to say they are waiting, it is pretty hard to duck out.
  2. Join a gym and ask if they would include follow up calls if you begin to ‘fall off’ attending. Gyms know that most joiners quit after about 3 months. You can convince them to add ‘follow up calls’ to membership, as a way to  growing their business AND at the same time you are getting the support you need.
  3. Better yet, pay for a personal trainer. Yes, it costs but it is a lot less expensive than the cost of a hip fracture. You do not want to become another statistic for 'Osteopenia treatments fail'.
  4. If you are more solitary:

  5. Put your exercise BEFORE something that you do regularly and do not do that thing until you have exercised. Example: do jumping jacks before breakfast, lift weights or tap dance before supper and do not eat until you have done the job.
  6. Get a dog and vow that you will never let the dog ‘just run in the yard to relieve itself’. A large dog is best since they really need exercise. If you live in an apartment and can not have a dog, set up a schedule with your local dog shelter to walk dogs twice a week. The shelter workers will be delighted…as will the dogs.Now walking by itself will not build bone but you can jog part of the way. Start with 10 steps of jogging and then add 2 more steps each week.  OR wear a weight vest when you walk.
  7. March for some part of your walk. Lift those knees. The extra pressure when you march offers a bit more stress on your bones. March in the house if you can not get out. Put on some march music and GO!
  8. Stamp your feet. Every day. It is good way to relieve stess and it is good for your bones. Plan a feet stamping time for before or after a lunch or supper and DO IT.,
  9. Buy a weight vest. Get a weight vest and put it on as soon as you wake up. Wear it for the next hour or so as you go about you daily tasks. If you need to go out to work, put it on when you come home.  Start with the lowest weight possible and increase the amount every week or two. (Remember bones respond to ADDED weight - not the same amount each week)  One of the best vests on the market for those wanting to reverse bone loss - one that allows you to add weight s-l-o-wl-y . It can be found Weight vest to reverse spinal Osteopenia, Osteoporosis 
  10. Dance. Put on a CD and dance every day. You do not need a partner – you can imagine one ...or use a broom as a substitute.  Do dances that encourage stamping , hopping or jumping.  Make up the steps – who cares?. Dancing is fun and it if you stamp or hop your osteoblats will be stimulated to build new bone.  AND you will feel better , less stressed for dancing each day. But this will be Osteopenia treatments fail UNLESS you establish a habit of dancing a few times a week.
  11. Always get out of chairs and your car without using your hands.  Cross your arms [put a hand by each shoulder] and just use your legs to rise. If you can not do this right away, put your hands on your thighs to do it. Work at this. Your legs will get stronger over time
  12. When you shop, carry your  packages to the car. If they are too many and you need to use a shopping cart, unload all but 2 of them. Bring the cart back to its stand and carry those 2 back to the car. After a few weeks, make it 4 packages that you are carrying back. A year of this and you may find you are leaving the cart at the door and carrying 10-12 packages to the car - this is easier if you use cloth shopping bags with handles
  13. Never use the escalator or the elevator (lift) down if the stairs are 'safe'. Walking down stairs is a habit worth cultivating. (Walking up stairs is great for your heart BUT walking down helps build your bones.)
  14. Laugh for 5 minutes every day. Before you go to bed at night sit on the side of the bed and laugh. If you have a partner, you might want to do this before breakfast or supper. If you commute, laugh for 5 minutes before exiting your car. J In Japan they have laughing classes/sessions where people laugh for 20 minutes. It helps with blood pressure as well as building bone density. Laugh!
  15. If you are a commuter, sing. Not sweet, light singing. Sing at the top of your lungs. Sing kids songs, folk songs, patriotic songs, hymns. Singing reverberates and you will find yourself relaxing. Remember stress is a cause of bone loss.
  16. An alkaline diet is important for your bones.
  17. Add a small salad before your meal each day. Do not go to bed without eating one salad - even if you need to do so just before bed!
  18. If you want to be sure you eat enought bone building food find a something that you like that is a bone building food such as prunes Then eat it 4 or 5 times a week.

Supplements to increase bone density

How to take your Supplements so you will not be part of the group whose Osteopenia Treatments Fail.

  1. Put your daily supplements - measured or counted out - in the same place every day. It helps to put them somewhere you will see them AND have to move them before or after you eat. Mine sit on a shelf by the sink so when I clear the dishes, I see them.
  2. Set a specific time that you take them – eg. Before your morning cup of decaf or as you clear your dishes from lunch.
  3. Leave yourself a reminder on your computer or cell  phone.  There are all sorts of reminder programs ....or set up an 'automatic email or phone call' with a message to yourself.
  4. Do the calcium absorbability test  on your current calcium supplement to make sure that you are taking the most absorbably form.(Note: Advacal IS one of the most absorbable but its chemical composition does not work well with this test.)
  5. Be sure you are taking enough Vit. D3, magnesium, B12 etc. Check the natural therapies pages for recommended doses etc. and then….
  6. Set a specific time that you take these – eg. Before your morning cup of decaf or as you clear your dishes from lunch. Having a specific time has been shown to be a good way to remember to take supplements.

Rotate some of your Osteopenia Remedies

As you know there are a number of other things shown to increase bone density....but you will NEVER benefit from them if you do not remember to DO them. Please make a plan. Do not become one of the many Osteopenia treatments fail people. You do not want to break a hip when you are older.

Try each of these. Find out what ones you like and then insert them into your calendar.

Again the way to ensure that you will NOT BE among those whose Osteopenia treatments fail is to choose your treatment AND create a system to remind yourself to use it.

End of Osteopenia treatments fail.  Read Osteopenia treatments that often work to reverse bone loss by clicking here