Spinal Osteopenia Osteoporosis

Spinal Osteopenia Osteoporosis are fairly common conditions in women over age 40 and in men who are in their 60s.  The great danger of this condition is that you will experience small crush fractures of some vertebrae - because your bones have become too thin and porous.  These fractures lead to a back hump or as it is sometimes called dowagers hump.

There is no reason why your Spinal Osteopenia Osteoporosis should reach that stage. This page offers you the basic information you need.about these conditions - and how to reverse your bone loss.  It can be done. A number of readers of this web site have done so. You can too. Educate yourself. Then take action.

Frequently asked questions about Spinal Osteopenia Osteoporosis.

  • I was told I had bone loss in my spine after I had a dexa scan but I am not sure what all the numbers mean. Can you help? 
     YES. there is page on this site that explains your dexa scan results....the T score and Z score and what they mean. Go to dexa scan results - what the numbers mean.
  • What is a good first step? Many people jump to getting calcium supplements or starting a weight bearing exercise program.  But wouldn't it be a good idea to figure out WHY you have low bone density?  After all if the cause of your bone loss is a prescription medication you are taking or if your Spinal Osteopenia Osteoporosis is from something you eat or drink, all the calcium and exercise in the world will not solve your bone loss problem.                                                         SUGGESTION: Go to the page that lists all the possible causes of bone loss and jot down EVERYTHING that apply to you.  Once you know your CAUSES you will know how to choose among the many things that can be done to increase bone density.  You will be able to create a personal program to reverse your bone loss.  Go to: Causes of Spinal Osteopenia Osteoporosis.                                                                       

Now that you know the causes:

You should be ready to make good decisions about how to remedy you Spinal Osteopenia Osteoporosis. 

1. If you are going to take a prescription drug, I suggest that you read about it...and its possible side effects (so that if any of them start up, you know to contact your health care provider immediately.)

2. If you want to include natural remedies that can reverse bone loss, I suggest that you begin reading as soon as possible. As you go through the list of remedies, try to find some that address your specific causes.  Example: If lack of weight bearing exercise over the last few years has been a problem, read those page. Decide what changes you will make.

Then go on to other potential treatments. What surprised many people is just how many effective Natural Treatments there are for Spinal Osteopenia, Osteoporosis

Suggestion: Do not attempt too many changes at once. Decide on one or two things...do them regularly...and after they have become habits, then come back to the page and add another one or two.

3. Of all the remedies that are listed on that page, one of the most effective for reversing spinal bone loss is the use of a weight vest. BUT most vests on the market are made for sports.  If you want to increase bone density, you want a vest made just for that.  After a good deal of research I wrote this articles:: Osteopenia, Osteoporosis weight vest

4. Also, Tai Chi has proven to help with balance (many fractures are the result of falls) and it also has been show to increase bone density! See: Tai Chi Osteoporosis, Osteopenia

5. Finally, if you are going to take any supplements, I hope you will do a bit of research before buying anything for Spinal Osteopenia, Osteoporosis. A supplement formed from research done is Japan has been shown to be effective. To read about it click on Advacal 

If you want to check out ALL the supplements with calcium to see which ones have scientific studies showing their worth and which do not, go to Calcium supplements

That is it! Do those 5 steps and you will find yourself with stronger bones.  Oh, and if you want on-going encouragement and updates news about reversing bone loss, do subscribe to the monthly newsletter listed below.  Be well!