Osteopenia FAQ

Osteopenia FAQ has answers to questions about Osteopenia, Osteoporosis bone loss.   Subscribers to the Osteopenia3 newsletter are able to ask questions. But not everyone wants a free, monthly newsletter so I created this page. It includes the most frequently asked questions from newsletter readers.

Frequently asked questions about Osteopenia, Osteoporosis and their treatment

1. What ever happened to Strontium? S. D. from USA.
 Those in the EU can either use natural Strontium or get a prescription for the synthetic form created by Servier and marketed under the name, Protelos.  BUT new research on this drug's effect on cardiac issues has meant physicians are being advised NOT to prescribe it routinely.

Natural strontium is still available.  To read the research concerning natural strontium or to purchase some, go to Natural Strontium for Osteopenia or Osteoporosis

To read about the synesthetic (prescription) form go to: Protelos for Osteopenia or Osteoporosis 

2. Do the natural strontium tablets work as well in increasing bone density as  Protelos (strontium ranelate)?  Also, is Protelos available to order online and which site? Thanks....” L. K. from USA.

I have found no studies comparing natural and synthetic strontium. And I assume that there will be none since no drug company would risk proving that their synthetic form is no more effective than the natural mineral.

What you can do is look at the research on each form (research is found on the web pages noted in answer to question #1 . Since the FDA has not approved Protelos as a drug to be sold in the USA, there are no USA sites that offer it. You might find it on an European web site – but then you would need a prescription.

Osteopenia FAQ continued:

3. Why are prescription drug such as Fosamax generally prescribed for osteoporosis but not for osteopenia? A. P. from USA.

Fosamax has been approved for the prevention as well as the treatment of Osteoporosis and so it can be prescribed for the treatment of Osteopenia [treating Osteopenia is a way to prevent Osteoporosis]. To read more about Fosamax, go to Fosamax (alendronate)  

4.I would like info re dried plums & bone density. A. H.from Canada. Thanks for asking. Here is the page that gives information about Dried plums for Osteopenia

5. I have been intrigued by the information about 'whole body vibration' therapy. Soloflex recently introduced a home unit . . ., which I purchased. I would be interested to hear of any research you have done on vibration therapy for bone density improvement. Thanks for all your work in this field. B. D. from USA.

Thanks so much for this question. As new research has come in, I have updated the pages about this. Start with Body vibration  and then if you want the research, try  whole body vibration and Osteoporosis or Osteopenia       

6. Is it really true that a certain form of HONEY can improve my bones?  Yes, it is true. To read all about it go to Tualang Honey

Osteopenia FAQ - Part II

7. I was told I have osteopenia and when I went to talk to the Dr. he told me I was not the typical type of person to have it. I am stocky built and am fairly active. He told me to just double up on calcium and have bone density test done in 2 years again. I had a hysterectomy 5 years ago and I also smoke. He told me that estrogen would not do my any good at this stage. I really do not want to take any of the other drugs because of the side effects. My question is do I find another Dr. for a second opinion? I am very upset about this because I do not want my bones to get any worse. C. P. from USA.

I am not a physician, I can not give you any medical advice. But it sounds like you have considered getting a second opinion. I have found that following my intuition usually works out - especially when I am thinking that I need more information.The only thing you can lose in getting a second opinion is some money. Ask, "Is it worth the cost?" to fine out? 

Also for your own information you might was to look at Causes of Osteopenia: an overview to see if you have any other risk factors and if these are things that you can change.

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