Oscal | What does the research show?

Oscal pays for lots of ads. It is one of the most publicized calcium supplements. What is important to any anyone with Osteopenia or Osteoporosis is knowing how effective this ( or any other) calcium supplement is. How well is itabsorbed and used by our bodies to build bone density?

There have been two scientific studies comparing Oscal to other calcium supplements.

The first study was by RN Johnson of the Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Green Lane Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand, was published in 1991 in the Eur Journal. Clinical. Nutrition .

The article is titled, “A study of five calcium supplements: estimation of calcium absorption and sodium content.” and it compared 5 different brands of calcium supplements: Calcium-Sandoz, Cal-Sup, Effercal, Oscal and Oscal Chewable.The study included 12 healthy female volunteers and supplements providing 1 g of elemental calcium were given in random order at weekly intervals. “Using increments in urinary calcium excretion as an index of absorption, Calcium-Sandoz was absorbed best and Oscal the least.” The researcher added that because of the significan sodium content in Calcium-Sandoz, this might not be the best supplement for those on a sodium limited diet. A second scientific study was published in the Aust. NZ Journal Med in April 1986.

This study found that Spar-Cal and Calcium Sandoz had more calcium absorbed than Oscal but that the latter had better calcium absorbtion than Ossopan.

The study stated further: “ There were no significant differences between the four preparations in the changes in parathyroid

hormone (PTH) and urine hydroxyproline levels. For this reason, the four results from each subject were averaged. Following the calcium load there was a reduction in mean PTH from 0.16 +/- 0.01 to 0.10 +/- 0.02 micrograms/l (p less than 0.001) and a decline in urine hydroxyproline/creatinine ratio from 20 +/- 1 to 17 +/- 1 (p less than 0.02), suggesting that bone resorption responds immediately to dietary calcium intake. There was a rise in urine sodium excretion which correlated with the indices of calcium absorption (r = 0.63, p less than 0.01) but not with the sodium content of the calcium preparations. This effect could be important, particularly in elderly patients on borderline sodium intakes.”

NOTE: It appears that this particular calcium may not be absorbed as well as other calcium supplements - despite the manufacturer's claims about its absorbability!

Readers interested in comparing the scientific studies cited on this page with page of the manufacturer may visit Oscal product claims . It is noteworthy that the web site does not list ANY scientific studies or experiments even though it makes claims about the performance of its supplement.

But there is a form of calcium that scientific studies do support. Twenty years of scientiific studies show that a different form of calcium CaAAA increases bone mineral density - even among the elderly. Before you buy Oscal, read Advacal (AAACa) The page cites scientific studies that document the increased bone density - even among the elderly.

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