Osteopenia Osteoporosis herbs

Osteopenia Osteoporosis herbs have a long tradition is the improvement of bone density. For awhile these  treatments were overshadowed by pharmaceutical drugs. Several factors have contributed to a new interest in these natural treatments.

  1. Cost - As a rule natural herbs are less expensive than pharmaceutical drugs.
  2. Side effects- Some persons are concerned by the reported side effects that can come with a pharmaceutical drug.
  3. Lifestyle - An increasing number of persons from the developed world are choosing a 'return to the natural' where ever possible in their lives

For these reasons - as well as my desire to provide information about ALL approaches to reversing bone loss - I now include this section about Osteopenia Osteoporosis herbs.

List of herbs with links to information about each

Here is a list of herbs shown to have positive effects on bone density.  And each herb is linked to pages with more information about it. I urge you to read the full description of each herb and its uses. Some teas are fully effective by themselves but others need additional actions/substancs to be effective so you need to read each page carefully.

A purely herbal approach to reversing bone loss is not the usually approach of Western physicians, more and more health care workers (and their clients) are reading up on these treatments. And many are trying them (often with good success.)

Here is a list of herbs which have been used to build bone density. I have summarized or included links to scientific studies which have been done on each of these herbs.  Many show their usefulness. Since herbs are often much less expensive than their pharmaceutical counterparts.