Supplements for Osteopenia or Osteoporosis

Supplements for Osteopenia and Osteoporosis do exist. In fact there are a number of supplements that scientific studies have shown increase bone density. Below is a list of supplements that studies have shown to be among the most effective bone builders.

I suggest that you read the material about each one before you decide to try any. And yes, it is wise (prudent) to check with your health care provider about your use of any supplements to increase your bone density. It only makes sense to keep your health provider informed, especially if you are on any prescription medications for some other condition.

The page provides links to pages about each individual supplement.  You should be able to print out the complete information about any these supplements for Osteopenia and Osteoporosis that appeal to you and bring that information to your next medical appointment. 

Supplements shown to have bone building properties

As you can see there are more than 20 supplements shown to be effective bone builders. Some are items, such as herbs and/or teas, you can include in your daily diet.  Each of the names of these proven bone builders is set up as a link to a page that will give you more information about the supplement ...including scientific studies that show its effectiveness and/or side effects.  

Some of these proven bone building supplements can be incorporated into your diet. Example: some of the herbs, teas and/or olive oil. Just be sure that any herbs you use as well as your olive oil is of high quality. It is worth spending a little extra to get quality. (Although I do not reveiw individual brands. there are web sites that evaluate the quality of different products.)

List of supplements shown to build bone

In addition CLA can help you lose belly fat and build bone. 

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