Osteopenia supplements

Osteopenia supplements - one of the first topics people want to read when they are newly diagnosed with Osteopenia or Osteoporosis. Everyone has heard about Calcium and many have heard about Vitamin D. But few people seem to know which calcium supplements have been studied scientifically or which form or how much Vitamin D they should take. And ever fewer know the role of boron, silica or other minerals used in the bone building process.

And then there are all the other things that have been proven to be excellent. Recent studies have shown that there are other minerals needed for bone building and that there are effective herbs.

So, you really want to educate yourself. 

Understanding  supplements used to build bone:

These articles give you the information you need - including whether the use of the supplement is backed by scientific research.  And most pages offer list of reliable sources - or you can always go to the Osteopenia Products page to buy supplements.

       CALCIUM SUPPLEMENTS with scientific research studies 


If you have a question or information about a supplement not included on this list, you can contact me with the form below. I try to respond to all questions, suggestions within a week.  Thanks for your patience.